Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Furry little friend

As a bubbly and cheerful person, I'm smiling and giggling even when I'm not in a good mood, which can often confuse and surprise people I'm surrounded by. Today was one of those days where I simply felt down and anxious for no reason and that's something I can't really explain to anyone as there's no reasonable explanation (but hey, that didn't stop me from snapping a few photos of my outfit). I really think I took a risk with this outfit by wearing saggy jeans with a faux fur vest and under normal circumstances I wouldn't like it, but for some reason I really dig this look (look at me using slang and stuff). I paired these boyfriend jeans with a basic white top, a little black belt and a pair of high-top Converse sneakers. You may have seen this bag included in a few posts, but I love it because it's quite large, has a whole bunch of compartments and a lot of stuff fits in it (have in mind that I'm a student and I have to carry a whole lot of books, among other things).

Monday, October 27, 2014

Purple kind of day

I cannot believe it's already been a week since I updated my blog, but I have been crazy busy with classes and the homework. Believe it or not, I have had more homework to do in three weeks of college, than during the four years of high school (I may be exaggerating a little). Besides, it was raining non-stop and the temperatures were sometimes even below zero degrees (look at me turning into a weather-girl). To sum it all up - it was cold and horrible. When it comes to my college outfits I'm all about being comfortable, but cool at the same time. There's nothing I love more than wearing large, cozy sweaters with skinny jeans and a pair of biker boots during colder days, but for this not-so-cold day, I chose to wear somewhat lighter and thinner sweater, a faux leather jacket, denim jeggings (like I said I love being comfortable), my worn-out biker boots and for a more casual attire I chose to tie this plaid (?) shirt around my waist. I decided to wear my hair down for a change and the fact that it got so long has really surprised me.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Shoes of wakening

The reason this post is titled the way it is, is because there's a quite funny story to it. When the wonderful people at sent me these gorgeous shoes, I wasn't home to receive them myself, but my dad was. Since my dad is a man who really appreciates his daily naps, he usually doesn't like being woken up (who does?), especially immediately after falling asleep. When the postman rang the bell, my dad had just fallen asleep and he was unaware of what was going on when the bell rang the first time (you might know the feeling after you take a nap - it's equivalent to being run over by a truck!). He thought it was all in his head; he thought it was all a dream. Once the postman rang the bell the second time, he realized it was all reality and jumped off the couch frantically and ran to the door. So, that's a short story about how these shoes and I ruined my dad's nap. Anyways, these adorable little heels are really comfortable (unlike all the other heels I own) and I absolutely love this color, as it's my second favorite color (next to black, of course). I usually don't like matching same colors, but I figured this royal blue button-up shirt would go really well with these pumps. I also put on a pair of faux leather pants and a few gold accessories.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

All black everything

I hate being a nag, but college has started only a week ago and I'm already exhausted! Having classes from 8 AM to 8 PM is really tiring, so it will take me a while to recover from this bustle. Whenever I wear an all black outfit, I feel one hundred percent confident and I have a feeling that black gives me some sort of power that other colors just don't have. Wearing black makes me feel like I'm the one pulling all the strings and the one in control. There's something about this color that brings me joy and confidence which I normally don't have or don't feel. The only thing that can bother me is when the shades of black I'm wearing don't match perfectly! That's the only downside to wearing black.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October wishlist

1. Navy knee-high boots // 2. Black studded backpack // 3. Black cardigan with geometrical prints // 4. Sunglasses // 5. Black faux leather bag // 6. Black jacket with faux leather sleeves // 7. Golden necklace // 8. Black knee-high boots // 9. Yellow sweater
I'm craving a whole lot of things at the moment, but these are just a few things off my wishlist and some of the things I really need in my life, all from Tidebuy. The first thing on the wishlist are the navy knee-high boots and I absolutely love everything about these boots. Since I have to carry a huge amount of books every single day, a backpack is a necessity, so I need to get something that's fashionable, yet very useful and I think this backpack is both of those things. There's not much to say about the cardigan - it's long and it's pretty looking, so you get the point. Also, these glasses are extremely cute and I had a similar pair, but unfortunately I sat on them and I broke them and now they're back on my wishlist! Following the sunglasses, are the gorgeous black faux leather bag, black jacket with faux leather sleeves and a golden necklace. As you may know, I have a thing for knee-high boots and these look incredible (and they're black, so is there anything better). Last but not least is a sweater with an unusual color choice for fall, but I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I hope you like these things as much as I do!