Pinkcess bikinis + Giveaway

One of the things I love the most about summer is the fact that we all get to wear cute, bright and colorful bikinis to the beach. I get extremely excited whenever I go bikini shopping, because it's one of the fun parts of the summer, but it can also be a real struggle if you can't find the one you like. Luckily, I will no longer have to look any further than Pinkcess! They offer a very wide range of bikini prints and the thing I loved the most is being able to choose the print I want on the bikini. You can choose whichever print you like to be on your bikinis. It means you're pretty much getting your own custom made bikini and it can't get any better than that... Or actually, it can; if you use the code 'TRENDGALORE' at the checkout, you will get $20 off, meaning you will get your bikini for only $40, plus you will get free shipping worldwide! What's also good about Pinkcess is that they sell all sorts of things for us girls - crop tops, dresses, skirts and leggings, all with extremely fun prints, like the one on the dress pictured above, which I think is beyond cute and you can get one just like this one or with a different print. But, that's not it... (I feel like those people in infomercials), I have also teamed up with Pinkcess to give FIVE bikinis away to five lucky readers. You can enter the giveaway at the very end of this post. Good luck to all the participants!

I have decided to make entering the giveaway as simple as possible. All you have to do is follow ALL FOUR steps below as they're ALL MANDATORY and you will receive a confirmation e-mail about your giveaway entries. The giveaway ends on August 20th and I will announce the names of the lucky winners. We will be checking. Best of luck!
Pinkcess Bikinis Giveaway

Off the shoulder

Here comes the second part of my collaboration with Dresslink. Along with the lovely two-piece I wore in my previous post, I also got this lovely off the shoulder top, which is one of the biggest trends of the season. This blouse is simply perfect for hotter days as it's made out of a very light material and you can wear it with pretty much everything, whether it be high-waisted shorts or jeans or a skirt. It will look good with just about anything.


Not so long ago, I was pretty much forced to get back into my fall gear, but that is no more because it's finally incredibly hot outside, which I was really looking forward to. I finally get to wear lighter clothes and this floral set I got from the lovely people at is absolutely perfect for this time of the year, as the material is really thin and just great for hot weather. While I was browsing their website for the things to choose for myself, I stumbled upon this beauty among hundreds of incredible things and I knew it just had to be mine. It really is such an interesting piece.

How I whiten my teeth at home

For years I was struggling to get the perfect smile I always wanted, because I naturally had crooked teeth and wearing braces/retainers was a real pain in the butt. It was only later that I realized that my teeth are starting to lose their whiteness, due to many external factors, such as coffee, chocolate and other foods and drinks which stain your teeth. Thanks to Smile Brilliant I finally have the smile I wanted for years and the best thing is - I was able to do all that from the comfort of my own home. To be honest, I wanted to get my teeth professionally whitened for a very long time, but I was always, in a way, scared of doing that. However, discovering Smile Brilliant was probably one of the best things that happened lately. It really leaves you with incredible results and makes you never want to stop smiling. It comes at a really great price and costs a whole lot less than your standard professional teeth whitening processes. You can order your set by clicking here!

Everything a girl needs

I'm a huge sucker for online shopping and whenever I find a good online store, I get beyond excited. When I found out about FashionMia, I was so glad I found a web-shop which offers so many different styles for everyone's taste and all for very great prices. FashionMia reviews are in fact all positive and all give close description of their products, customer care and shipping of the products. All customers leave good comments for FashionMia, because what they sell are quality products. It was quite hard settling for only six items to include in the head photo of the post as they offer so many incredible clothing pieces for everyone to choose from, but I decided to pick these as my favorites, because they're all so stylish and chic (and not to mention perfect for hot summer days). If you're on the look for a new online store to do your online shopping, FashionMia should be your go-to place!*